United Otter Emirates Administration


United Otter Emirates has an executive ex-Founder, an executive Delegate, and 3 Officers. (?)

Executive Can appoint/dismiss Officers and set their authority. Founders with Executive authority can modify the authority of the Delegate, but Delegates cannot modify Founders. If the Founder is absent from the region, the Delegate gains Executive authority automatically ("by circumstance").
World Assembly Can vote on World Assembly proposals and resolutions.
Appearance Can modify the World Factbook Entry, Flag, and Tags, and pin Dispatches.
Border Control By spending Regional Influence, can eject/ban/unban nations and set/modify/remove the region password.
Communications Can send region-wide telegrams without stamps, compose Welcome telegrams, suppress & unsuppress posts on the Regional Message Board, and control who can recruit for the region.
Embassies Can open/close embassies with other regions and extend embassy posting privileges.
Polls Can create polls.
Atheistus Founder Executive Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Zombie Dominion of Molson Iceland WA Delegate Executive World Assembly Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
In case we don't have a Delegate
by Molson Iceland
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Conch Republic of VinVachiaAssistant to the Assistant Regional Manager
by Molson Iceland
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Protectorate of FirebrandingtonRevolving Door Office
by Molson Iceland
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls

Border Control


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. Avadam Inn
2. The Bar on the corner of every region
3. Bus Stop
4. The Great Universe
5. Gypsy Lands
6. Hollow Point
7. The United Multiverses
8. Australia
9. Monarchist and Democratic Alliance
10. The Moderate Alliance
11. Chicken overlords
12. Japan
13. Fredonia
14. Nintendo
15. The Srivijayan Consortium
16. The Milky Way Galaxy
17. Anti Fairy Pact
18. Khuzifenq
19. Dixie
20. Organization of United Sovereign States
21. Lardyland
22. Arconian Empire
23. Ozzy
24. Bikini Islands
25. Sector 401
26. Thanksgiving
27. The Dawn of Unity
28. Fluffy squishfish
29. Aircraft Manufacturers
30. Indian Mars
31. Commonwealth of Maine
32. The Flying Fishes Bait Shop
33. Kappa Region
34. The Library
35. Old Spirit
36. Brazzaville
37. Zambia
38. United Imperial Union
39. Golden Dragons
40. Belfast
41. Ecuador
42. The Noodle Shop At The Edge Of Reality
43. Union of South Africa
44. Union Sovietica de Mordor
45. The Central Pacific
46. Federation of Planets Headquarters
47. The Glorious Nations of Iwaku
48. South pacific gyre
49. Great Yellow Empire
50. Latinoamerica Libre
51. The Puppeteria
52. The Doctor Who Universe
53. Maryland
54. Trade Federation
55. Florida
56. The Sands
57. 314159265358979323846264338327950
58. Patriot Alliance
59. United States of America
60. Virginia
61. Pennsylvania
62. The Pure Land
63. MentosLand
64. Loony Bin
65. Usea
66. Memeverse
67. Christmas
68. Montrandecs Neighbours
69. Turkiye
70. Union of Liberal Nations
71. Union of Nationalists
72. Turkic Union
73. RAMS
74. Traveling Wilburys
75. Empire Overlords
76. Reddit
77. Triumvirate of Mwindo Levant Fembois
78. Northern Argaen Trade Organization
79. Dispatchia
80. Great Aureania
81. The Steakhouse in Nationstates
82. Groland
83. Stalingrad Zdroj Treaty Organization
84. German European Empire
85. The Cult of PCHS
86. Land of Prosperity
87. The Embassy
88. The Illuminati
89. Noon Puppet Dump

United Otter Emirates Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are not permitted to post on the United Otter Emirates Regional Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: None.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by: No-one.