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Z-Day6: Aftermath

by Max Barry
Wed, 01 Nov 2017

Congratulations! The zombie menace has been defeated! Mostly because the zombies died of starvation after running out of survivors to feast upon! Still: A win is a win!

The undead were a lot more dangerous this time around, with advanced Hordes pushing worldwide survival numbers down to 20.4%, the lowest in years. So if you made it through, well done! It was even more of an accomplishment than usual.


102.7 trillion



69.3 trillion



330.6 trillion


There were so many stories of struggle during Z-Day, and so many impressive efforts, it seems unfair to single any out. So take a look at this leaderboard!

Z-Day Tally Leaderboard

Almost a thousand regions employed emergency measures to close their borders at some point during Z-Day. But many more kept them open, taking in refugees, despite the risk of infiltration and infection.

Congratulations also to those nations who topped the new leaderboards for Most Survivors and Most Zombies!

Thank you for helping to defeat the undead scourge this year. Happy Halloween!