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N-Day2 is Over

by Max Barry
Wed, 30 Aug 2017

Thank you for nuking! N-Day2 has now concluded. I hope you came through relatively radiation-free.

Final Leaderboard

Congratulations to Totally Not the AA of Augustin Alliance who topped the leaderboard with 124,923 points! That's the second N-Day that this faction, or something that looks a lot like it, has won.

Well done also to UPPERCUT of various Pacifics, who provided close competition with 113,844 points.

A few more stats to come! In the meantime, enjoy this fun fact:

Fun fact! Because nuclear weapons can strike their target within minutes, it's impractical to have a proper system of checks and balances safeguarding their use—countries must be able to retaliate to a nuclear launch by immediately emptying their own arsenals. In the United States, for example, while the President is legally bound to go before to Congress to declare a conventional war, he is empowered to let loose all seven thousand nukes at any time for any reason. Wheee!

Update: Here is your permanent detailed archive with more stats.

Top score with 0 radiation: Forest

Update 2: The NS Index N-Day2 write-up is up!