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A Whole New World

by Max Barry
Tue, 18 Mar 2008

Frames were handy, in their day. Sure, that day was in 2002, but still: You set 'em up, your pages go in designated areas, everybody's happy. Except you can't bookmark them. And sometimes pages break out of frames when they shouldn't, or get framed when they shouldn't, and--yeah, you're right, they always sucked.

And now they're gone! No longer does NationStates have that retro feel: we're all one page, baby. Slide that scrollbar. Yeah. Feel the groove.

We also have some slick new features that I know you'll like, mostly because they're blindingly obvious and should have been added years ago. These include highlighting of new telegrams and issues in your sidebar, RSS feeds of the same, nifty "National Happenings" to help keep tabs on what's happening inside your borders and out, and the ability to restore an old nation that was deleted for inactivity.

And not only that! Check out those cute flags next to nation names in your logs and endorsement lists now. They look awesome. Even the ranking tables look slicker! Not much, sure, but a little! That's something, huh?