The Internationale World Census

The Most Pacifist in The Internationale

Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

As a region, The Internationale is ranked 2,295th in the world for Most Pacifist.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Republic of St JordiLiberal Democratic Socialists“A republic with a saint on its name”
32.The Republic of Dominguez HillsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
33.The Free Socialist People of The Commune of MeddleDemocratic Socialists“Forward Together!”
34.The People's Republic of TvedtDemocratic Socialists“Ибо мы победим”
35.The Free Land of The Proletarians Lost ChainsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Freedom and wealth, for all”
36.The Confederal Republics of International Socialist UnionScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Yeet the rich”
37.The Democratic Republic of JFK IICivil Rights Lovefest“Eheu fugaces labuntur anni”
38.The Anarchist Federation of Anarcho Syndicalist KoreaCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace, Freedom, Democracy”
39.The Federation of MolognoLeft-wing Utopia“For Faq's Sake (FFS in formal documents)”
40.The Commune of RholydrataLeft-wing Utopia“Omnia Sunt Communia”
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