Pony LandsWorld Census

The Most Patriotic in Pony Lands

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

As a region, Pony Lands is ranked 9,933rd in the world for Most Patriotic.

NationWA CategoryMotto
61.The Kingdom of Pealing ChimiaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“I can haz cuddle?”
62.The Mystical Zebra Enchantress of ZecoraDemocratic Socialists“Our national motto is set on auto”
63.The Earth Pony of Bon-BonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bon Bon is Best Pony”
64.The Unicorn of Lyra HeartstringsDemocratic Socialists“Humans Exist, Believe it or Not”
65.The Six Ponies of Elements of HarmonyDemocratic Socialists“Friendship is Magic”
66.The Pony Pun of EveryponyNew York Times Democracy“Friendship is Magic”
67.The Earth Pony of RoseluckLiberal Democratic Socialists“Flowers for All!”
68.The Adorable Pony Principality of WoonaNew York Times Democracy“Woona is Cutest Pony”
69.The Snobby Earth Pony of Silver-SpoonCorrupt Dictatorship“Blank Flank!”
70.The Principality of Songbird SerenadeLeft-wing Utopia“Songbird Serenade is Best Pony”
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