The Internationale World Census

The Most Secular in The Internationale

World Census experts studied which citizens seemed least concerned about eternal damnation, spiritual awakeness, and chakra wellbeing in order to determine the most godforsaken nations.

As a region, The Internationale is ranked 1,279th in the world for Most Secular.

NationAtheism Rate
1.The Confederated Communes of Minahasa99.36
2.The Vanguard State of Al-Aezam99.36
3.The United Socialist States of Doultrenia99.35
4.The Federated Communes of Kalmykhia99.3
5.The Socialist Republic of Greater Vietnam99.22
6.The Red Republic of Pertsjan99.18
7.The Syndicalist Union of Ragnaria99.18
8.The Transhuman Communist State of Minchioria99.17
9.The Stellar Anarchist Communes of Necunda99.13
10.The Community of Subspacia99.13
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