The HeartlandWorld Census

The Largest Populations in The Heartland

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, The Heartland is ranked 302nd in the world for Largest Populations.

1.The Dominion of Crystal Palais5th43,020,000,000
2.The Grand Old Duchy of Ineptia39th42,785,000,000
3.The Democratic Territories of Austrivum332nd41,667,000,000
4.The Democratic United States of Kompa Ru758th40,023,000,000
5.The People's New Democracy of West Kompa Ru1,489th36,565,000,000
6.The Insultingly Invigorated Call of Nastic2,302nd33,043,000,000
7.The United Republic of East Klent4,573rd26,717,000,000
8.The Federal Republic of Aerigia13,386th18,835,000,000
9.The Kingdom of Herconia14,981st17,943,000,000