Taijitu World Census

The Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in Taijitu

World Census special forces intercepted crates of smuggled weapons to determine which nations have the largest arms industry.

As a region, Taijitu is ranked 3,142nd in the world for Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector.

NationCharon Conveyancy Index
1.The Drug Fueled Utopian Communes of Al Khem71,020.5
2.The Intercessory Union of Myroria22,550.46
3.The Spacity Satellite of Love of SkyFac TransOrbital22,390.19
4.The United Socialist States of United Socialist Republics of Finland21,416.38
5.The Royal Confederacy of Eluvatar18,573.43
6.The Divine People's Republic of St Oz18,399.71
7.The Commonwealth of Inglo-Scotia17,356.05
8.The Bavarian Soviet Republic of Cabrinialand16,567.24
9.The Barney and Friends Disaster of PurpleDinosaur15,979.45
10.The Republic of Riemstagrad 4M12,850.82