The World World Census

The Lowest Crime Rates in the World

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

NationLaw-abiding Acts Per Hour
1.The Queendom of Kindjal587.15
2.The Holiest of the Holy Lands of Deep South Borland465.79
3.The Military Dictatorship of Tzuland446.59
4.The Imperial Commonwealth of Eastfield Lodge431.55
5.The Empire of Corsaria430.95
6.The Holy Empire of Klesh421.21
7.The Womyn's Paradise of Gynostan408.79
8.The All-Pervasive Infestation of Socialist Cockroaches401.08
9.The Morally Questionable People of Flibblers397.1
10.The Just of Tzo392.2
1234. . .21,92821,929»