The World World Census

The Largest Populations in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

1.The Republic of Kyupaa40,598,000,000
2.The Free Land of West Siders40,430,000,000
3.The Free Republic of Frappuccino40,374,000,000
4.The Dragon's Realm of Demoness40,355,000,000
5.The American Dream of Architeuthis40,339,000,000
6.The Dominion of Crystal Palais40,306,000,000
7.The Particularly Grand Duchy of Caffeinneburg40,300,000,000
8.The Big Yellow Star Capitalists of Moneystan40,299,000,000
9.The Disputed Territories of Sherlockazulu40,286,000,000
10.The Free State of Eli40,281,000,000
1234. . .23,87523,876»