Markion World Census

The Most Secular in Markion

World Census experts studied which citizens seemed least concerned about eternal damnation, spiritual awakeness, and chakra wellbeing in order to determine the most godforsaken nations.

As a region, Markion is ranked 4,801st in the world for Most Secular.

NationAtheism Rate
1.The Principality of Ostervald98.22
2.The Colonies of Fascist Rep of Singapore97.01
3.The Rogue Nation of Isae51.74
4.The Formerly Unified Warzones of The Green Union37.45
5.The Republic of The Deek Blughwadorezeri32.68
6.The National Republic of Phoenxia30.52
7.The Republic of Thoager22.36
8.The Space Station Over Markion of Wilinisian Sweden20.84
9.The Empire of Sevevill19.67
10.The Republic of Dont eject this fenda sleeper 3517.66