Lisseum World Census

The Highest Disposable Incomes in Lisseum

The World Census calculated the average incomes of citizens after paying tax.

As a region, Lisseum is ranked 17,258th in the world for Highest Disposable Incomes.

NationStandard Monetary Units
1.The Lisseum Head of State office of Lisseum City39,620.96
2.The Democratic Empire of Thomasear34,711.26
3.The Federal Republic of Shadow Metropolis33,821.04
4.The People's Republic of Antanakutotonakan32,681.86
5.The Colony of Scia Xen30,823.75
6.The Intergalactic Crystal Empire of Vanshia25,128.39
7.The Allied States of Conservative Nationals20,179.56
8.The Legislative Republic of Sevtilutica16,995.82
9.The Republic of CL stamp test13,591.28