International Democratic Union World Census

The Most Valuable International Artwork in International Democratic Union

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, International Democratic Union is ranked 688th in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

1.The Commonwealth of Comhar5,057.81
2.The Free Bears of Bears Armed1,698.84
3.The Monarchical Republic of Christos1,336.66
4.The Free Republic of South Pacific Republic1,100.62
5.The Social Democracy of Gardavasque490.67
6.The White Crowned Boreal Lights of North Cross395.06
7.The Free Land of The Ursine Northlands350.44
8.The Confederate Dominion of Separatist Peoples233.9
9.The Prosaic Union of Gnejs162.44
10.The Theocratic Kingdom of Zongongia131.5
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