International Democratic Union World Census

The Highest Economic Output in International Democratic Union

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, International Democratic Union is ranked 1,855th in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationStandard Monetary Units
1.The Free Bears of Bears Armed10,677,660,000,000,000
2.The Democratic Federation of Grosseschnauzer8,691,912,000,000,000
3.The Estat Frances i Espanyol of Franxico5,854,878,000,000,000
4.The Suppressed squirrels of Klopswurst5,851,026,000,000,000
5.The United Ruthenian Empire of Trive 385,253,371,000,000,000
6.The Sovereign Principality of Roumberre5,005,186,000,000,000
7.The Confederate Dominion of Separatist Peoples4,717,686,000,000,000
8.The Free Land of The Ursine Northlands4,558,868,000,000,000
9.The Free Republic of South Pacific Republic4,421,508,000,000,000
10.The Democratic Republic of The Crimean Enclave3,839,422,000,000,000
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