Historia Novorum World Census

The Least Corrupt Governments in Historia Novorum

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Historia Novorum is ranked 23,787th in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationPercentage Of Bribes Refused
1.The Antemurale Christianitatis of Morevonia94.64
2.The Republic of ALL And ALL94.22
3.The Founder of Historia Novorum94.13
4.The Confederative Republic of United Provincien93.24
5.The Commonwealth of New Piscea92.75
6.The Federal Autonomous States of Baltic Union92.72
7.The Federation of Muslim Yugoslavia91.79
8.The Recovering Battleground of Mosinuslavia90.97
9.The Forgotten Dwarven Citadel of Bloodybees90.55
10.The Ethnostate of Latvijas Otra Republika69.37