Europeia World Census

The Most Influential in Europeia

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Europeia is ranked 9th in the world for Most Influential.

NationSoft Power Disbursement Rating
1.The Moderator Mouse Mommy of Mousebumples1,039,224
2.The Democratic States of Katkasistan767,892
3.The Let's All Just Get Along of Raghallaigh749,465
4.The Vice Delegate of Le Libertia680,872
5.The Void of Precisely Nothing591,493
6.The Order of Voxum Mortalum447,428
7.The Empire of Eloscape422,302
8.The Crystal leth dealing cabal of Lethen409,659
9.The Empire of Beriwen378,128
10.The Mercantile Coalition League of Samuelstani378,077
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