Eladen World Census

The Most Devout in Eladen

World Census Inquisitors conducted rigorous one-on-one interviews probing the depth of citizens' beliefs in order to determine which nations were the most devout.

As a region, Eladen is ranked 293rd in the world for Most Devout.

NationPrayers Per Hour
1.The Holy Empire of Klesh44,662.82
2.The Harmonious Political Haven of TrueChristianity33,235.49
3.The CUP Federal Syndicrats of RightWingConservatives16,452.87
4.The Empire of Little Flowers14,034.99
5.The Sinister Sadistic Satrapy of Lorx11,228.95
6.The Fact Is Marble Is Queen of The World of Ares7,379.44
7.The Otherworldly Intellects of Psi Planet6,439.65
8.The CUP Imperial Province of The CUD5,486.72
9.The Oppressed Indigenous Eladeni of Jungles of Klesh5,080.42
10.The Barbaric Magnificence of Fafhrd4,406.14