Eladen World Census

The Largest Pizza Delivery Sector in Eladen

World Census staff spent many nights answering the front door in order to measure which nations have the biggest Pizza Delivery industries.

As a region, Eladen is ranked 126th in the world for Largest Pizza Delivery Sector.

NationPepperoni Propulsion Productivity Index
1.The Empire of Little Flowers38,448.2
2.The Holy Empire of Klesh24,035.04
3.The Free State of Umquay22,174.13
4.The CUP Federal Syndicrats of RightWingConservatives20,632.02
5.The Intergalactic Consortium of Corporate Investors18,952.19
6.The Tang Clan of Wu17,631.23
7.The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles16,302.45
8.The Bandit Kings of Pale Mountains of Klesh14,114.17
9.The Barbaric Magnificence of Fafhrd14,079.88
10.The Decadent Opulence of Gray Mouser11,476.58