Coalition for Collective Cooperation World Census

The Largest Mining Sector in Coalition for Collective Cooperation

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, Coalition for Collective Cooperation is ranked 14,170th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationBlue Sky Asbestos Index
1.The Republic of The Philippiness5,572.57
2.The Community of Floppa Republic4,852.83
3.The Colony of Nadezhna3,501.92
4.The Kingdom of Kafrijan2,033.77
5.The Archipelagic Union of Artolba923.25
6.The Kingdom of Azoran666.82
7.The United Socialist States of Bostoina542.9
8.The Great Federation of Molopovia-1.41
9.The Republic of Noymaoria-2.45
10.The Republic of Minski-2.83