Capitalist Paradise World Census

The Highest Economic Output in Capitalist Paradise

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, Capitalist Paradise is ranked 1,274th in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationStandard Monetary Units
1.The Allied Corporate Empire of Northern Borland39,225,900,000,000,000
2.The United States of Midlands30,397,116,000,000,000
3.The Infection of Edgemaster28,493,078,000,000,000
4.The Free Secular Federation of Nation of Quebec16,119,247,000,000,000
5.The Benevolent Dictatorship of Canterburie14,849,539,000,000,000
6.The Capitalist Alliance of The-CID10,649,725,000,000,000
7.The Most Serene Republic of Avimimus10,221,016,000,000,000
8.The Perfidious Theocracy of Snorlaxia9,858,157,000,000,000
9.The Jingoistic States of Uxorem meam9,421,320,000,000,000
10.The Holy Realm of Scorpions Army9,300,728,000,000,000
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