Artificial Solar SystemWorld Census

The Most Inclusive in Artificial Solar System

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Artificial Solar System is ranked 21,180th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWorldMandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index
61.The Republic of CAF0530,343rd126.15
62.The Republic of CAF1230,346th126.15
63.The Thank u freen of Fish and Whistle30,351st126.15
64.The Republic of Enyo 330,360th126.15
65.The Republic of Enyo 2230,361st126.15
66.The Plains Swamp of Scrubland-30,723rd125.67
67.The Enormous Community of Combs of the Mountains30,749th125.67
68.The Republic of CAF1830,764th125.67
69.The Republic of Teal Taun30,965th125.43
70.The Republic of Fedaykin 1831,220th125.19
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