Artificial Solar SystemWorld Census

The Most Inclusive in Artificial Solar System

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Artificial Solar System is ranked 22,866th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWorldMandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index
4,161.The Republic of West1216,556th88.83
4,162.The Republic of SwordandShield27216,586th88.83
4,163.The Republic of Say It Right216,640th88.83
4,164.The Ashed Legion of Legion of Ash216,675th88.83
4,165.The Holy Unholiost of Angels of Screams216,783rd88.83
4,166.The Republic of Blue Jay 9216,795th88.83
4,167.The Republic of Fedaykin 98216,947th88.83
4,168.The Republic of Getting DEAT up216,960th88.83
4,169.The Republic of End of Kanglia217,249th88.83
4,170.The Republic of Not Ikania217,307th88.83
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