Appalcadia World Census

The Safest in Appalcadia

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, Appalcadia is ranked 14,613th in the world for Safest.

NationBubble-Rapp Safety Rating
1.The Democratic Kingdom of 414ania117.93
2.The Republic of Firstflame105.41
3.The Queendom of Viryyn94.67
4.The Kingdom of Fharon81.04
5.The Grand Duchy of Derivian44.78
6.The Nomadic Peoples of Turkainia16.3
7.The United States of Appalcadia7.23
8.The Holy Empire of Fhueas6.71