The World World Census

The Nudest in the World

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

NationCheeks Per Square Mile
1.The PS2 Puppet of Pencil Sharpeners1,223.25
2.The Decentralized Authority of Tsaivao1,223.25
3.The Smash Hit Movie Version of Brocklandia1,223
4.The ⚖️ Matriarchy ⚖️ of N7eternia1,223
5.The Very Slow APNG of Second Best Misc Storage 81,223
6.The Second Best Patriots of Second Best Misc Storage 61,222.75
7.The Rare Sight of S2 Rares Collector1,222.75
8.The Tropical Annexed Future NPC of Eluaii1,222.25
9.The Big Nudity Energy of QuazzleTheQaz1,222
10.The Protectorate of Farnsworths Planet Express1,222
1234. . .23,84623,847»