The World World Census

The Highest Foreign Aid Spending in the World

The World Census intercepted food drops in several war-torn regions to determine which nations spent the most on international aid.

NationClooney Contribution Index
1.The Womyn's Paradise of Gynostan28,244.64
2.The Chaoist People's Republic of Dra-pol24,818.04
3.The People's Republic of Varayusha19,656.91
4.The Armed Republic of A baddon18,592.23
5.The Great Scientific Polity of Greater Cuba18,282.21
6.The Webcomic RolePlaying Game of Darths and Droids17,749.27
7.The People's Socialist Republic of Urgabah16,844.73
8.The Grand Duchy of Dragons Power16,662.01
9.The Transhuman Communist State of Minchioria15,725.12
10.The PS2 Puppet of Thalasse15,054.35
1234. . .22,91322,914»