The World World Census

The Most Advanced Public Education in the World

Fresh-faced World Census agents infiltrated schools with varying degrees of success in order to determine which nations had the most widespread, well-funded, and advanced public education programs.

NationEdu-tellignce® Test Score
1.The Eternal Misfortune of Heliosphere81,745.11
2.The Anarchy of Blogotopia70,928.99
3.The Republic of Univercity69,307.29
4.The Republic of Marxstadt67,828.19
5.The Socialist Republic of Kilobugya66,197.27
6.The Dominion of PapaJacky62,940.71
7.The Culture of Free Socialism62,422.04
8.The Despotic Dictatorship of Despoticania60,439.56
9.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine Cervine59,914.62
10.The Mystery Cult of Demeter59,821.12
1234. . .28,53228,533»