The World World Census

The Highest Average Incomes in the World

The World Census carefully compared the average spending power of citizens in each nation.

NationStandard Monetary Units
1.The Sadistic Republic of Bright Angel1,260,679.87
2.The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System1,253,172.58
3.The Military Dictatorship of Tzuland1,163,550.59
4.The Thirteen Zombie Hells of HC Eredivisie1,107,198.22
5.The Allied Corporate Empire of Northern Borland1,077,341.2
6.The Despotic Dictatorship of Despoticania1,072,111.6
7.The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles1,067,040.9
8.The Unassuming Puppet State of Americad1,044,473.3
9.The Popsicle Pete Nation of Clench1,036,677.28
10.The Corporate Dictatorship of Josephland1,025,283.94
1234. . .24,40324,404»