The World World Census

The Most Inclusive in the World

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

NationMandela-Wollstonecraft Non-Discrimination Index
21.The Democratic Socialist States of Sirian999.78
22.The Federation of Smithstopia991
23.The Prolife Fauzjhian Seadom of Evilcia989.53
24.The Dragon Fauzjhian Provincie of Bhrazjhia986.8
25.The Communist Easter Egg Kingdom of Fauzjhia976.81
26.The Dark Fauzjhian Province of Taineizbria975.79
27.The Oceanic Fauzjhian Province of Auceanznia975.4
28.The Second Commonwealth of Benjamin Mark974.62
29.The Fielz„o of Timao964.66
30.The Light Fauzjhian Province of Lunheizria954.58
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