The World World Census

The Most Scientifically Advanced in the World

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

NationKurzweil Singularity Index
31.The Perfidious Theocracy of Snorlaxia1,880.54
32.The Brazen Panoply of Steam and Clockwork1,877.68
33.The Cascadian State of Chukstik Illahi1,866.52
34.The Interdimensional Domain of Particle1,864.3
35.The Peoples Federation of The Campbell Nation1,858.59
36.The Culture of Gooutofhere1,856.6
37.The ENDORSE TEPERTOPIA of Pencil Sharpeners 21,854.31
38.The Godless Mercantile Nexus of Isla Vista1,846.53
39.The Free Land of Privatore1,844.78
40.The Federal Commonwealth of Dicko1,837.06
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