The World World Census

The Most Scientifically Advanced in the World

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

NationKurzweil Singularity Index
270,821.The State of T4B-71.41
270,822.The Republic of AFTER SUBVERTING VARIOUS GCRs VINNY-71.41
270,823.The Republic of BEFORE PRODDING TITO TO JUMP VINNY-71.41
270,824.The Republic of North Thilishmock-71.41
270,825.The Republic of Legius-71.41
270,826.The Nomadic Peoples of TswanaKalanga-71.41
270,827.The Armed Rogue Nation of -Slavery--71.41
270,828.The Empire of Senate 13-71.41
270,829.The Republic of Creeper 2-71.41
270,830.The Matriarchy of Ch1nchou-71.41
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