The World World Census

The Most Influential in the World

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

NationSoft Power Disbursement Rating
1.The Retired Delegate of Alsted1,805,534
2.The Void of Dustwind1,242,247
3.The Grand Duchy of Lexembourg1,182,320
4.The Villainous Globalist Kittehs of Imperium Anglorum1,134,962
5.The Kingdom of Wombelland1,074,518
6.The Holy Empire of An Clar1,058,046
7.The Moderator Mouse Mommy of Mousebumples1,038,744
8.The Anarchy of Blogotopia1,017,324
9.The Fresh Juicy Brains of The Soylent Green Party973,086
10.The Grand Duchy of The Seven Provinces960,904
1234. . .24,02724,028»