The World World Census

The Highest Average Tax Rates in the World

Although some nations have a flat tax rate for all citizens while others tax the rich more heavily than the poor, the World Census used averages to rank the world's most taxing governments.

NationEffective Tax Rate
1.The Queendom of Kindjal148.93
2.The Just of Tzo140.31
3.The All-Pervasive Infestation of Socialist Cockroaches125.93
4.The Culture of Free Socialism124.75
5.The Womyn's Paradise of Gynostan123.73
6.The Bara Loving Free Land of Marimite121.45
7.The United Socialist States of Blackbird120.43
8.The Kingdom of Styki120.03
9.The Community of St Stephen n Critters119.88
10.The People's Socialist Republic of Urgabah119.23
1234. . .24,08024,081»