The World World Census

The Largest Populations in the World

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

272,891.The Democratic Republic of Antiskuin7,000,000
272,892.The Free Land of Xo7,000,000
272,893.The Allied States of Illisete7,000,000
272,894.The Republic of Qua7,000,000
272,895.The People's Republic of Baltichk7,000,000
272,896.The Republic of Trope7,000,000
272,897.The Armed Republic of Draghopia7,000,000
272,898.The Jingoistic States of Vuuvrisstan7,000,000
272,899.The Empire of Norry Empari7,000,000
272,900.The Republic of Thermia7,000,000
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