The World World Census

The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in the World

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

21.The Infection of Edgemaster133.58
22.The Holy Blue Empire of Nadir Dystopia132.21
23.The Empire of Bistrostan131.89
24.The Eternal Misfortune of Pterodoria131.79
25.The Artoonian Empire of Artoonia131.47
26.The Ecotopian Republic of Allemonde131.47
27.The Libertarian Paradise of Cashdeer131.47
28.The People's Republic of Cutote127.39
29.The Pepperoni People of Possessed Giraffes126.84
30.The Godless Mercantile Nexus of Isla Vista126.63
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