The World World Census

The Most Ignorant Citizens in the World

The World Census studied which nations seemed to have the greatest numbers of citizens that fell into the categories "ignorant," "oblivious," or "just plain dumb."

Nationmissed references per hour
259,231.The Commonwealth of New Delph1
259,232.The Free Land of Jrfkin Jr1
259,233.The Decentralised Pure Democracy of Jongredic1
259,234.The Democratic Republic of Outerab1
259,235.The Republic of Apollitia1
259,236.The United Socialist States of Eastknam1
259,237.The United Socialist States of Kormisia1
259,238.The Federal Republic of Freedom Coalition 11041
259,239.The Republic of Enostown1
259,240.The Most Serene Republic of Crycleir1
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