The World World Census

The Smartest Citizens in the World

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

Nationquips per hour
260,501.The Oppressed Peoples of Miners-1.07
260,502.The Dictatorship of Asle Duck1.07
260,503.The Kingdom of Zemlja Bosanska1.07
260,504.The Sultanate of Zadat1.07
260,505.The Republic of An Attempt1.07
260,506.The Republic of Factory Worker 201.07
260,507.The Commonwealth of New West Country1.07
260,508.The Community of Radiolaria1.07
260,509.The Republic of Frostland 2251.07
260,510.The Republic of Frostland 2281.07
«12. . .26,04826,04926,05026,05126,05226,05326,054. . .26,85826,859»