The World World Census

The Most Devout in the World

World Census Inquisitors conducted rigorous one-on-one interviews probing the depth of citizens' beliefs in order to determine which nations were the most devout.

NationPrayers Per Hour
31.The Dictatorship of Peplesania56,654.54
32.The Galactic Empire of Flarbinia55,631.04
33.The Great Bountiful Empire of TURTLESHROOM II55,518.67
34.The Joyful People's Republic of Renseignements54,969.86
35.The Esoteric Armed Forces of The Dunwich Dominion53,706.58
36.The Mad Empire of Nakina Koreazu53,432.57
37.The Monastic Technocracy of Expendia52,491.13
38.The Holy Black Dictatorship of O B E Y51,531.61
39.The Absolute Units of Schitz51,191.53
40.The Peaceful Free Republic of Tubularia51,153.72
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