The World World Census

The Most Advanced Law Enforcement in the World

World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

NationOrwell Orderliness Index
1.The PS2 Puppet of Xynlandia122,868.81
2.The Orwellian Police State of Chuching115,028.09
3.The Military Dictatorship of Tzuland82,258.12
4.The Theocracy of Wyoma72,214.93
5.The Oppressed Peoples of Drogmar67,013.9
6.The Dictatorship of Ameriganastan60,246.96
7.The NationStates of Ichu60,165.38
8.The Hateful Aberration of Goldenmouth59,706.03
9.The Oppressed Peoples of Thibor Ferenczy58,042.88
10.The Womyn's Paradise of Gynostan56,266.79
1234. . .22,16722,168»