The World World Census

The Largest Gambling Industry in the World

The World Census tailed known underworld figures in order to determine which nations have the largest gambling industries.

NationKelly Criterion Productivity Index
1.The Mad King of Hell of The Stalker139,422.44
2.The Idiocracy of Lamebrainia113,218.03
3.The Burnt World of Athas113,106.37
4.The Infection of Edgemaster88,812.48
5.The Empire of Little Flowers88,542.09
6.The Allied Corporate Empire of Northern Borland88,508.68
7.The Libertarian Paradise of Cashdeer85,847.08
8.The Rogue Nation of Rindiania85,840.66
9.The Mad Empire of Nakina Koreazu83,518.6
10.The Hellhole of Fudgedup76,487.11
1234. . .23,81523,816»