The World World Census

The Largest Publishing Industry in the World

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

NationBella Potter Productivity e-Index
250,611.The Tareldar AltarniŽ of Kaiserrealm-9.97
250,612.The Principality of Emergency Puppet 46-9.97
250,613.The Nationaledeutsche Demokratie of The Final Sith Order-9.97
250,614.The Grace and Precision of Maple 158-9.97
250,615.The Republic of Leftist Card Farmer 9-9.97
250,616.The People's Republic of Caribbia-9.97
250,617.The Democratic Republic of Eglington-9.97
250,618.The Kingdom of Poppala-9.97
250,619.The Team of RWBY21-9.99
250,620.The Republic of Fedaykin 27-9.99
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