The World World Census

The Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in the World

World Census special forces intercepted crates of smuggled weapons to determine which nations have the largest arms industry.

NationCharon Conveyancy Index
234,001.The Kingdom of Equesa-12.8
234,002.The Empire of Aoelith-12.8
234,003.The Community of Reand Cost-12.8
234,004.The Rogue Nation of Kingdom of Ciel-12.8
234,005.The Free Land of Americ anfootball-12.8
234,006.The Queendom of Arctic Fox 119-12.8
234,007.The Kingdom of Cavalier Panther-12.8
234,008.The Nomadic Peoples of Scorpionrider-12.8
234,009.The Supreme Magisterium of Angels Blood-12.81
234,010.The Cool Nation of Compassionate Pioneers-12.81
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