The World World Census

The Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector in the World

World Census special forces intercepted crates of smuggled weapons to determine which nations have the largest arms industry.

NationCharon Conveyancy Index
21.The Military Dictatorship of Tzuland185,908.38
22.The Prophecy of The Almighty Lenny185,518.86
23.The Fascist Legion of Cruciland184,779.05
24.The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System183,289.09
25.The Dictatorship of Incindia Village182,779.08
26.The Dictatorship of United great Korea180,060.6
27.The Shopping Mall Tyranny of Konzum K-plus179,189.01
28.The Armed Republic of Celtician177,063.14
29.The Dictatorship of Peplesania177,049.7
30.The Dominion of Death and Ruin176,894.45
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