The World World Census

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in the World

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

NationMozzarella Productivity Index
1.The Queendom of Thorvel41,168.76
2.The ENDORSE TEPERTOPIA of Heliosphere40,511.07
3.The Confederacy of Undivulged Principles36,669.44
4.The Holy Portfolio Theory of Daedra1a33,387.39
5.The Thirteen Zombie Hells of HC Eredivisie30,075.17
6.The Empire of Treznor29,526.67
7.The Vermindom of Szczuropolis29,462.64
8.The Sadistic Republic of Bright Angel29,410.57
9.The Ethereal Spaceship of Ltlaliens28,331.96
10.The Free Land of Kaiserestland27,999.74
1234. . .26,87226,873»