The World World Census

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in the World

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

NationHenry Ford Productivity Index
31.The Popsicle Pete Nation of Clench58,648.99
32.The Imperatoria of New Owningland58,113.41
33.The Capitalist Alliance of The-CID57,194.88
34.The Dominatus Malefici of Pseudomonarchy Demonum56,845.91
35.The United Holy Realms of Dyelli Beybi56,738.02
36.The NPO High Inquisitor of Myrth56,425.66
37.The Dread Empire of Automagfreek55,862.43
38.The Holy Empire of Equus55,779.68
39.The CUP Imperial Province of The CUD55,755.77
40.The Sexy Spacefaring Shogunate of The Zocalo55,253.21
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