The World World Census

The Highest Wealthy Incomes in the World

The World Census studied the spending power of the richest 10% of citizens in each nation.

NationStandard Monetary Units
1.The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System11,726,753
2.The Empire of Little Flowers9,005,526
3.The Modern Portfolio Theory of Daedra1a8,784,803
4.The Indomitable Borderlands of The Grendels8,737,479
5.The Burlesque Republic of The Centauri8,639,914
6.The Armed Corporations of Aurora Islands8,635,675
7.The Richly Blended Peoples of Koffee8,241,928
8.The Allmighty Power of Nak nak7,946,853
9.The People's Republic of Cutote7,946,394
10.The Soul-Crushing Factories of Wulfhelm7,913,467
1234. . .24,56124,562»