The World World Census

The Nudest in the World

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Allied States of Dicho y HechoLeft-wing Utopia“¡qué va!”
32.The Free Land of LoveboysScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The last gyzym of consciousness”
33.The Free Land of Tubercular SkyLeft-wing Utopia“Starving hysterical naked”
34.The Crown Prince of Constantine LambrosCivil Rights Lovefest“Welcome to Selene!”
35.The Republic of Colony of LibranCivil Rights Lovefest“So say we all!”
36.The Free Land of Teahead JoyrideScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Stale beer afternoon”
37.The Free Land of Windows of the SkullScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The supernatural darkness of cold-water flats”
38.The Republic of LXXVAnarchy“75”
39.The Most Serene Republic of UzoMiteScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Face fear, build the future.”
40.The Protectorate of QQBarCivil Rights Lovefest“We Will Endure”
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