The World World Census

The Most Patriotic in the World

World Census data collectors measured the fervor with which citizens believed their own nation was the greatest of all.

NationWA CategoryMotto
253,471.The Sultanate of Secret Shopaholics SocietyFather Knows Best State“We shop 'til we drop”
253,472.The Protectorate of Spice Harvester 394Father Knows Best State“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
253,473.The Protectorate of Spice Harvester 481Corporate Police State“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
253,474.The Dominion of TeraxuDemocratic Socialists“We are one nation, therfor we need to be one people”
253,475.The Cardashian Exploits of Undercard 42Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“I feel like I grew up too fast a long time ago.”
253,476.The Republic of ABC123 72Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Wefwef”
253,477.The Protectorate of RSCA Privateer 1Authoritarian Democracy“Vires In Numeris”
253,478.The Republic of Sederth NeufrFree-Market Paradise“Peace and Justice”
253,479.The Free Peoples of GulyaiAnarchy“Power breeds tyrants”
253,480.The Autumnfest 🍁 Republic of AulivuelCivil Rights Lovefest“No one shall be left behind”
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