The World World Census

The Most Armed in the World

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of deadly weapons per citizen.

NationWA CategoryMotto
256,771.The Empire of Jordanistan22New York Times Democracy“Aeterna Virtus”
256,772.The Union of GrenamDemocratic Socialists“For we are nothing, shall be all”
256,773.The Hot Sweaty Anime Convention of OhNoMyCatHasAidsDemocratic Socialists“Garlic Bread is always there in the end”
256,774.The Constitutional Monarchy of Technocratic NorwayInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ubi scientiae occurat naturae, ibi pacem.”
256,775.The Soviet Socialist Republic of GoldsbergCorrupt Dictatorship“Schreibe die Geschichte neu”
256,776.The Free Land of Upper ChantlerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
256,777.The Flowering Empire of BlumosiaDemocratic Socialists“Blossom in Radiance”
256,778.The Scots Nationalist Illuminite of GriffenhavenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You shall be free”
256,779.The Islands of AntobaCivil Rights Lovefest“For the past. For the future.”
256,780.The Dictatorship of LkahepthepfsyrlgenPsychotic Dictatorship“Trust us. We know better.”
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