The World World Census

The Most Corrupt Governments in the World

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

NationWA CategoryMotto
205,961.The Republic of Hot Potato 3Anarchy“Might Makes Right”
205,962.The Commonwealth of Lower DuddenzisiaordiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Strength Through Compliance”
205,963.The Republic of ModernicCivil Rights Lovefest“Twirling Toward Freedom”
205,964.The Kingdom of MaryulAnarchy“Kingdom of Ladakh, Lowland of Ngari”
205,965.The Democratic States of The United American Continents and JapanLeft-wing Utopia“United we stand”
205,966.The Empire of DysteniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Pineapple does NOT belong on pizza,also pee pee poo poo”
205,967.The Empire of TootyscootystanCapitalizt“Geneva convention? More like Geneva suggestion.”
205,968.The Kingdom of OtsandiaCivil Rights Lovefest“16 lands of peace is anough”
205,969.The Republic of Ang Leess FlankharenNew York Times Democracy“From Many, One”
205,970.The Kingdom of The Corn WIll Die And SoonAnarchy“The best lack all conviction”
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